These are the pictures that made it onto our phones before, during, and after he Vegas show.
I underestimated how busy we would be driving, working, and staying out of the way of one of the best production crews ever. And while we didn’t end up with a lot of party pictures, our time on the road was anything but ordinary.
After the Vegas show, we met a strange man in the audience who gave us an old and very mysterious coin, which we are keeping forever.
Coin in hand, we went galavanting around with production leader Zach Cox (pictured above wearing a HOTT MT shirt). Did a lot of walking/running/tripping around a very bright but very empty city. Though, promises of lap dances and steak were handed to us around every corner.
I do regret not being able to see our friends in NO, they were playing a show that night as well. But other than that, I think we are all satisfied.
This short trip had brought us closer to each other, the Lips, and the Lips’ crew. We are back in town now with new ideas in our heads and more determination than ever.

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